Service Request Database

Service Request System

We have a duty to ensure that the information we process and hold is secure and maintained correctly.  The below portals enable you to communicate incidents, statutory requests, policy exemptions and privacy impact assessments directly to the correct people.

Security Incident Portal

At the Athena-GEP we have a duty to ensure that the information we process and hold is secure.  This portal is the first step in reacting to a breach, or a suspected breach relating to information, systems and data.

Subject Access Request Portal

Subject Access Requests Portal enables the logging and tracking of Subject Access Requests, whether they concern Access to personal data or an individual invoking the ‘Right to be Forgotten’.

Policy Exemption Portal

The Athena-GEP have gone to every measure to ensure that the Athena-GEP Data Protection & Information Policy is accurate and lawful, the Policy Exemption Portal enables the logging and tracking from those staff, contractors or volunteers that are unable to adhere to any part of the policy.

Data Protection Impact Assessment Portal

A Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is a process designed to help a Athena-GEP establishment identify and minimise the privacy risks presented by the development of new or changed services, procedures or policies. A DPIA can also be used for research projects.