Curriculum Purpose

Athena-GEP Schools Trust

Curriculum Purpose Statement

Athena-GEP Schools Trust provides a curriculum purpose framework from which each school can define their specific curriculum intent to suit its context and values.

Athena-GEP Schools Trust believe in a curriculum which provides an inclusive and holistic education for all children and fosters an optimistic culture of high expectations for the individual, the school and the trust as a whole. Our curriculums are designed to develop strong foundations which will prepare children for the next stage of their lives and their education, and stimulate and inspire a love of lifelong learning.

This curriculum intent is best expressed by stating our hope for a curriculum which allows children to BREATHE and be the best they can be.

B – bold.  Bold in design, provides depth of understanding and breadth of content

R – responsible.   Fosters a sense of responsibility in our children to learn for themselves and use their learning to shape the world around them.

E – excellent.   Provides all opportunities to demonstrate excellence in all aspects of our work. Excellent in both our provision and in the outcomes our young people achieve.

A - aspirational.   Unashamedly aspiration in its scope and seeks to inspire students to broad and diverse horizons.

T - together.   Collaborative by design, incorporates pupil voice, and recognises that an effective curriculum is evaluated together and applied universally.

H - holistic.   Informs and develops the whole child, while incorporating high academic outcomes and wider, holistic educational values and aims across the whole curriculum.

E - expectation.   High in expectation and supports everyone to fulfil their potential.