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Be brave, change is good

27th September 2021

It is often said that the only constant in the education world is change! Not only are we striving to change the lives of the children we work with, we are developing our systems, practices and approaches to become more effective, always reflecting and thinking ‘What now?’ Whether your role in school involves learning how to use a new finance package, training on a new intervention or approaching the curriculum in a new exciting way, these changes make a difference to our school community. This term 64 trainee teachers have initiated change of their own. They have made the decision to join the teaching profession and the vast majority are hosted in our Athena/GEP schools. Whilst their mentor plays a crucial role in their teaching development our trainees recognise the support they receive from the wider school community too. The TA offering moral support and encouragement, the administrative staff explaining a system or routine, the site team helping to prepare the classroom and of course the pupils who love to guide them in their own way! Thank you, your support is appreciated. Learning the craft of teaching is hard. There is a lot to learn and at times it can be overwhelming but our role is to help our trainees to recognise the importance of taking small steps, practicing in a safe environment and learning from experienced colleagues. These trainees who embrace change grow into our future teachers over the course of their training year. When I reflect on my own career in education I often wonder would I change anything if I had my time again? The answer is always no! Everything I learnt while teaching in inner London and leading schools through significant change has helped me to be reflective and think ‘What now? What next?’ Education is a vibrant and exciting sector in which to work! So, if you see a bewildered trainee teacher in the corridors, remember to smile and say hello! If you could host a trainee in your school / department, get in touch. Or, maybe you are considering taking the leap and training to teach yourself. If yes, we are always happy to support colleagues in deciding to make that change! Be brave, change is good!

Jo Jones, Director of ITT,  Athena-GEP

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